About Us
Certified Woman Owned Minority Business, to see Certification click here.
ASA-100 Accredited, to see Certification click here.
ISO 9001:2015 & AS9120B, to see Certification click here.

Founded in 1985 by Gregory Robbin, Sky Mart developed into a well-recognized and fast-growing distributor of aerospace fluids, oils, paints and specialty MRO and OEM products. Clients include: OEM’s, Airlines, Government agencies and MRO’s. Since the founding of the company, Sky Mart has bought, sold and brokered aircraft components and in 2007 with the purchase of the Aces Colombia parts inventory, Sky Mart became active in the ATR and A320 component marketplace offering rotables for lease, exchange or outright sale.
* October 2021: San Antonio warehouse opens for business
* August 2021: Sky Mart is named a Celeste distributor
* September 2020: Start the implementation of e-commerce
* August 2020: Fully integrate Aeroxchange into Quantum
* September 2019: Co-Founder, Lucy Robbin passed away at age 77
* August 2019: Sky Mart passes AS9120B recertification with zero NCR’s
* June 2019: Sky Mart named Sandstrom Distributor
* Late 2018: Sky Mart named 3M Aerospace Distributor
* Mid 2018: Sky Mart starts stocking IPA, Acetone, MEK and other solvents & cleaners for MRO use
* Mid 2018: Sky Mart starts stocking PPG cockpit windshields & windows for A320 and ATR aircraft
* Mid 2016: Alan Arnett joins Sky Mart as General Manager
* Mid 2016: Shell presents Sky Mart with a Distributor of Excellence Award
* April 2015: ExxonMobil names Sky Mart 2014 Pinnacle Silver Award Winner
* September 2014: Sky Mart first to stock Mobil Jet Oil 387.
* September 2013: Sky Mart becomes a distributor of WD-40.
* August 2013: Sky Mart offers Honeywell OEM Repair Management
* Mid 2013: Sky Mart is accredited under Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA)-100.
* March 2013: Sadly, Gregorio Robbin, Sky Mart's founder and Chairman, passes away.
* Early 2013: Sky Mart moves into state-of-the-art 36,000 square foot corporate headquarters.
* September 2012: Sky Mart adds Chemetall's surface treatment products to it's product line.
* Late 2011: Sky Mart acquires a new corporate headquarters and warehouse building.
* 2007: Sky Mart obtains an ISO-9001 certification.
* 2007: Sky Mart acquires West Caribbean Airlines' ATR42 MSN 077 for disassembly by Indaer in Medellin, Colombia.
* 2006: Sky Mart acquires the entire Airbus A320 and ATR inventory from the estate of Aces Airlines Colombia.
* 2005: Sky Mart signs a consignment agreement with the liquidators of Aces Airlines Colombia to sell the company's aircraft parts   inventory.
* 2004: Sky Mart becomes one of the largest distributors of aviation fluids in the region.
* 2000: Sky Mart is confirmed as Exxon Mobil Aviation Lubricants Distributor in the Americas.
* 2000: Ana Maria Robbin joins Sky Mart sales force.
* 2000: Sky Mart acquires Altima Devices, an FAA repair shop in Miami, and renames it "Altima Technologies" with a goal to expand   capabilities and Sky Mart's client base.
* Late 1990's: Sky Mart becomes a Royal Lubricant distributor.
* 1998: Sky Mart becomes the 3rd US distributor of Monsanto (Solutia) for Skydrol hydraulic products.
* 1993: Mobil Latin America gives Sky Mart the right to distribute aviation products in Northern South America, Caribbean and Central    America.
* 1992: Sky Mart becomes Mobil Aviation Lubricants Distributor.
* 1988: Sky Mart signs contracts with several Beechcraft distributors to the U.S. Hub for repair management and sales.
* 1987: Lucy Robbin and Juan G. Robbin join Sky Mart as accounting manager and sales person respectively.
* 1987: Sky Mart starts to develop clients in South America through the sale of corporate and regional aircraft parts.
* 1985: Sky Mart is Incorporated in the State of Florida by Gregorio Robbin.
Our Mission
- To be the premier specialty aerospace distributor by providing an outstanding customer experience and offering leading edge customized logistics solutions. We motivate and encourage our team to work together to achieve personal and professional fulfillment in a fun and fast paced environment. Our goal is consistent growth, increased profitability and maintaining our sense of humor.
Our Values
We follow a strict code of ethics, which includes:
- Integrity: We trust if we do the right things, we will get the right results.
- Innovation: Built upon entrepreneurial values, we believe everything can be innovated .
- Passion: We strive to be the best at what we do.
- Partner Relationships: We foster long-lasting, win-win relationships with a focus on the future.
- Accountability: We do what we say we will do.