The BioborJF line of Fuel Additives

BioborJF lubricates and transforms an entire fuel load into a microbiocide

bioborjf aviation microbiocide
  • The aviation industry's go-to microbiocide since 1965
  • Prolongs engine life and reduces fuel & maintenance costs
  • Non-corrosive, eco-friendly and safe
  • Effective in both fuel and water
  • 1 oz treats 75 gallons of fuel—more than any other brand
  • Recommended by leading manufacturers of aircraft and aircraft engines
  • Used by the world's major airlines
  • Meets military specification MIL-S-53021A, and accepted for use by the FAA and IATA

It's true.

BioborJF is the only microbiocide in the world that also lubricates aviation fuel.

The result?

Lubricity levels that surpass ASTM standards . . . longer-lasting injectors and pumps . . . and substantially lower maintenance costs.

As a microbiocide alone, BioborJF lowers maintenance costs by improving fuel quality, preventing corrosion & the premature wearing out of elastomeric fuel system components, and keeping fuel filters sludge-free.

The aviation industry's premier microbiocide, BioborJF mixes completely with the fuel and effectively transforms the entire fuel load into a microbiocide.

It eliminates Hum Bugs (hydrocarbon-utilizing microorganisms such as fungus and slime) throughout the aircraft.

After sterilization, maintenance dosages of BioborJF help prevent Hum Bug recurrence.

BioborJF treats more fuel by volume than any other brand. A 1 oz maintenance dosage of BioborJF is sufficient for 75 gallons of fuel.

BioborJF Treat Chart
Unit Size Treatable Fuel (gal)
16 oz (bottle) 1,280
32 oz (bottle) 2,560
1 gal (jug) 10,240
5 gal (jug) 47,104
55 gal (drum) 526,336
330 gal (tote) 3,379,200

BioborJF has little to no negative impact on the environment, compared with other fuel additives.

Besides being non-toxic and non-corrosive, BioborJF is safer to handle.

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