LPS Reduces Downtime & Chemical Usage

The LPS product range helps reduce downtime & chemical usage, improve worker & environment safety, and cut MRO costs

  • Sold in North America and over 45 countries worldwide
  • Wide range of aviation applications
  • Compliant with benchmark civil and military aviation MRO chemicals specifications
  • Reliable protection to equipment from flooding and other costly weather damage
  • An Illinois Tool Works (ITW) company

LPS is a world leader in MRO chemicals, including greaseless, heavy-duty & all-purpose lubricants . . . rust inhibitors . . . contact cleaners . . . and degreasers.

LPS 1 Greaseless Lubricant

LPS 1 is best-suited for delicate components and mechanisms such as electronic connectors, cables, circuit breakers, electric motors, electronic connectors, generators, hinges, ignition systems, and locks.

This dry & thin greaseless lubricant removes carbon accumulation from surfaces, displaces moisture, and is oil, dust & dirt resistant.

VOC compliant in all 50 US states, LPS 1 is safe on paint, fabric and most plastics.

LPS 2 Heavy-Duty Lubricant

LPS 2 is a strong and multipurpose MRO product designed for lubricating, loosening and/or penetrating bearings, valves, cables, linkages, dies, bits, fasteners, engines, electric motors, pulleys, rollers, metal parts, production equipment, and parts in storage.

It can be used on both indoor and outdoor equipment, to protect parts and equipment from corrosion, and even reduces wear caused by friction or corrosion.

LPS 2 does not contain chlorinated solvents.

LPS TKX All-Purpose Lubricant

LPS TKX can lubricate bearings, cables, chains, castings, dies, molds, forgings, gears, machined stock, and machinery.

It also displaces moisture, protects against corrosion, and loosens rusted or frozen parts. It has a high flash point of 175°F/79°C.

LPS TKX is an NSF-certified lubricant (aerosol and bulk).

LPS 3 Premier Rust Inhibitor

LPS protects aircraft fuselages, battery terminals, cables, chains, pulleys, cargo sections, elevators, metal parts, offshore drilling equipment, and outdoor electrical connections. Self-healing, LPS 3 can protect parts and machinery for up to 2 years indoors.

LPS 3 also provides non-slinging lubrication, prevents rust & corrosion, and is safe to use on plastics, rubbers, fabrics and paints.

LPS NoFlash Electro Contact Cleaner

LPS NoFlash is an NSF-certified non-flammable cleaner for contacts, controls, circuit breakers, generators, instrumentation, meters, printed circuit boards, and relays.

It penetrates quickly and is a unique alternative to HCFC, which will no longer be available from January 2015.

LPS NoFlash is VOC compliant in California. It is safe for use on most surfaces, except some plastics.

LPS NoFlash® NU Precision Contact Cleaner

Available only in Canada, LPS NoFlash NU is a unique, quick-penetrating alternative to HCFC. It cleans contacts, controls, circuit breakers, instrumentation, meters, relays, sensors, and switches.

Non-flammable, it does not require rinsing, and is safe on most surfaces, except some plastics.

LPS HDX Heavy-Duty Degreaser

LPS HDX degreases air compressors, appliances, bearings, brakes, cables, chains, clutches, and coils.

It is non-conductive, non-flammable, and does not leave any residue behind.

An NSF-certified product (aerosol and bulk), LPS HDX is fast evaporating, and gets rid of grease, oil, wax, dirt, moisture, tar and other contaminants.

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